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Gennaro Contaldo
by Benedict Baker

Greedy Italian Gennaro Contaldo tells us why you won’t find his favourite cookbook on Amazon

Your earliest food memory

Food was always around me and talked about constantly so I simply grew up with it!

Your favourite cookbook 

Il Cuoco Per Tutti  - An old Neapolitan cookbook dating back from late 1800′s. It’s torn and tatty, but it’s my bible!

Your favourite place to eat

A small Italian restaurant owned by two friends of mine called 500 in Archway, North London. The food is excellent! I’ve voted for them in the Bertolli Spread Olive D’Oro Awards. 

Your guilty pleasure

Black pudding. I love it but I shouldn’t!

Your secret ingredient

Bertolli Spread. In my cakes, pasta sauces, risotto as well as on my daily morning toast!

What excites you about food right now

Living in London because you can eat whatever world food you like!

What food trend you’d like to see die out

 As long as it’s good food, lovingly and properly prepared and cooked, it should stay!

The next big thing in food

Ask someone younger!

What’s next for you

 I still haven’t finished what I’ve started!

One piece of advice

Feeding our children good, healthy, nutritious meals but first educating the parents to do so!

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